Recommended Tools

Many of the tools listed below are recommended. Although you could probably assemble this kit entirely with hand tools (assuming you already had the panels CNC milled), a jigsaw and cordless drill would really help.


  • Horizontal band saw (or hacksaw/miter box)
  • Table saw (or band saw)
  • Drill press (or cordless drill)
  • Brad nailer / 1″ brads (or wood screws)
  • 2 Pony clamps
  • 8mm bolt clearance bit, pilot bits
  • Combo square
  • Soldering iron


  • 4′ x 4′ sheet of 1/2″ plywood (for base)
  • 4′ x 8′ sheet of 1/2″ plywood (for gantry, if you CNC the panels yourself)
  • Wood glue
  • Goo gone (for label removal)
  • Solder

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