Open Source

DIYLILCNC is an open source initiative tasked with increasing the accessibility of CNC tooling/education for the broadest possible audience. As such, all of the intellectual property generated by the project is free to download, remix and redistribute, even for commercial gain (details). All we ask is that credit be maintained in all derivative works, and that these works carry the same license. If you’re not sure what this means, feel free to get in touch.

PS: For this and many other open source projects, we like to rely on the “smell test” when in doubt. Not too long ago, an enterprising web denizen copied our entire DIYLILCNC v1 design document and submitted it to an online contest. In some ways, this was not explicitly in conflict with the letter of our Creative Commons license. After all, this individual did credit our authorship (even if they did move the details from the first to the last page of their submission). Naturally, we felt that this violated the spirit of our license and had the contest entry taken down.

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