Where are the CAD files?

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    OK, so you’ve downloaded the instructions and CAD files from the downloads page, but where are the CAD files??

    We decided to export our cut paths as PDF’s so as to be accessible to as many folks using as many software setups as possible.

    The PDF’s are in vector format already, so you should theoretically be able to import them into your favorite CAD program.

    If you’re having trouble, let us know. We may be able to export in a specific format, or to find one that’s more universal than PDF.



    It appears that you used Solidworks or AutoCAD inventor to create these parts. Do you have these actual CAD file available?



    Believe it or not we used Illustrator. We have the .ai files, but they’re basically the same as the PDF. Is there a specific format that you need?






    Hi Chris,

    Could you please send me the .ai files?

    that would be a great help! i was importing them from the pdfs. should have read the forum first eh…?



    OK, after some noodling with symbols, we’ve got everything as a DXF. It’s in the .zip file under the downloads section.



    Hi! I just signed up and am interested in your project. Let me know if there is interest in 3D files. I can make all of the cut sheets as Solidworks files (2010) preferred, or any other 3D format SW supports. I can also create files as Pro-Engineer files up to Wildfire 4 (Soon WF 5).

    Good work! I look forward to contributing to this project.




    We are absolutely interested in diversifying our file format list. Solidworks would be great. Can you tell us a little more about Pro-Engineer and WF?



    The PDF file can be imported in an open-source line drawing software called Inkscape (Windows/Mac/Linux). From there it can be edited and saved as SVG which is a very common standard format that almost any software can use.



    I noticed that in the DXF file the lines are all exploded and not closed polylines. This could possibly slow down some machines if they don’t complete whole lines in a continuous fashion but rather jump around from one partial line segment to another. I have re-built the polylines in a .DWG / or .DXF file if it is desireable to anyone.



    Sorry about the late response… I have been busy converting the .DXF files to Solidworks files.


    WF (Wildfire) is the newest iteration of the Pro-Engineer CAD/CAM/CAE software suite, similar to Solidworks, Inventor, etc…

    My preferred format is Solidworks 2009 or 2010.

    BTW, I have all of the components designed in Solidworks 2009 now, and am creating the sub-assemblies. I have, by default, made all of the components .25″ thick, but after reading the notes about the issues relating to the thicknesses of Masonite available, I may refine this to .240″(exactly the same size as the width of the slot).

    I can supply now all of the components shown in the .DXF files as native

    Solidworks files, but they are only ‘dumb’ components tat use the .DXF files as sketch patterns. There is no ‘associativity’ defined in the part files.

    I can turn over the native files at any time you wish (or to anyone who wishes…)



    @cgosnell, that’s great!

    Taylor and I are working on a member-content section to allow posting of just this type of content. We’ll keep you posted when it’s up.

    In the meantime you can send files you’d like us to make available for others to download to info at diylilcnc dot org.



    Thanks, I should have all of the assemblies available by Jan 1, so I will hold off sending the files until then. Without the assemblies, they are no more useful than the .DXF files already available.



    We’ve added a section titled Community Sandbox to the downloads page for community-submitted content. If you’ve been tweaking a file (converting from DXF to a different format, for example) or making improvements that you feel others could benefit from, please send it to us and we’ll post it for all to share.



    I am interested in the Solidworks files, do you have these available?

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