What motors should I buy?

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    I’ve been preparing for a demo/workshop in Helsinki, and trying to source the last few metric parts. Stepper motors have quite a few variables to consider, so here’s a list for those that want to source their own motors:

    1. Holding torque (kinda like motor strength). Measured in oz-in or N-cm, see this link for a conversion calculator.

    2. Amps per winding/coil. Make sure your board can handle all three motors running at the same time.

    3. Shaft diameter. Make sure all your shafts, couplers, etc. have matching measurements. Note that v2 requires at least one dual-shaft motor.

    4. Voltage. This one is tricky. HobbyCNC’s kit claims to run motors at many different voltages, despite what the rating might be in the datasheet. There are some hints on this thread, but I need to do more research.

    5. Mounting holes. If you see NEMA 23 you’re in the clear. A square hole spacing of 47.14mm will also do.

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