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    I see from our logs that we’re getting quite a few Polish visitors. Would anyone be interested in translating the instructions (if there’s a need for it) into Polish? Or any other language, for that matter?



    I was thinking about translating your awesome project into German. But me was thinking – this actually would only make sense if the „whole project“ would be translated, meaning measurements would need to be changed to metric systems, as do all the components. Also the parts list should be changed to what is available in Germany/Europe especially concerning standard parts (European standards/metric system). In order to do this properly, I think it would be necessary to build an „german prototype“. At the moment I am short on money, but the main problem is, that I have no clue of CNC machines and their practical operation ^^. Although I am a handman and in the middle of vocational rehabilitation for technically versed product design, so I could ask my CAD and technology teachers. Maybe I even could persuade them to make this an official school project – at least for advanced vocational training this would be a very fitting task – if this would be ok with you.

    Tell me what your opinion is on my thoughts.

    In any event, I will check my options and let you guys know in near future, how this progresses.




    We started this project with support from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, so we’re definitely interested in DIYLILCNC as a teaching tool. There are also a number of folks that are interested in a Metric build (from Canada, Australia and New Zeland, I think). If you could get the ball rolling with your university, we could help organize interested builders to research subsets of the overall goal (full conversion to metric). Very exciting! Let’s see if we can make the utopian crowd-source approach work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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