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    I’m thinking of buying 3 of those(mainly because they are available in EU, as opposed to the ones from hobbycnc):


    They seem quite powerful(nominally a bit more than the ones from hobbycnc).

    Any comments?

    Also, is there a specific dimension restriction regarding the motors on the v2 diylilcnc(==would they fit ok?)?




    A couple things:

    1. NEMA 23 means that the face of the motor (where the spindle comes out) will fit the v2 design as-is.

    2. More power is always great, but make sure that your controller can handle the peak amps for all three motors simultaneously.

    3. The only possible hiccup will be the motor that drives X, as this fellow is packed in to a fairly tight area. According to my computer model you’ve got enough room, but it will be close. Then again, it should be to hard to mod a couple panels if you need more space after all.

    EDIT: I started a more detailed list here.



    Thanks for the reply..!

    Regarding your point 2, the hobbycnc pro can handle it fine, as they are rated to 2.8A current while the board handles up to 3.



    Please excuse the offtopic nature of the question, but it has to do with my project.

    (tried google searching and wikipedia researching to no avail)

    I have this PSU:

    So I know the Output(DC) Volts, Amps(max) and Watts(max).

    What I’m trying to calculate, is the max current(amps) of the INPUT (AC).

    I want to know that so I can properly fuse my mains power cord and also buy a power switch and Estop switch of the appropriate specs.

    I would be grateful if the method is briefly explained too, as I’ll have to recalculate(after adding router and possibly vacuum current ).




    We know that the HobbyCNC plans call for this transformer. You’ll note that it’s rated for 10 amps. I’m not sure how often the system draws peak current, nor if it makes a difference that this current is being chopped up by the board. Your PSU is also more complex than a basic transformer, so that may introduce problems as well. I’d recommend that you join HobbyCNC’s Yahoo group and post the question there.

    EDIT: Now that I had a second look at the datasheet for your motors, I do see one problem. The motor mount on the 4th layer/DWG of the CAD file is not big enough to accept a motor face that’s 60mm across. Not difficult to fix, but send an email if you need help altering the CAD file.




    I’m going to buy some 60BYGH401-03 motors.

    But want to know the current in the data sheet, 4Amps, is the peak or RMS?

    Can somebody tell me?





    If you’re using the HobbyCNC Pro board, then you’ll be running the motors in Unipolar connection, so your current will be 2.8A.

    And without being sure, I believe that’s peak current.



    Hi again,

    after a couple of months of distractions I finally have the time to finish it.

    On the 5th post of this thread, Taylor pointed out that one of my stepper motors might not fit.

    Do you mean this one:


    I can see that the height may be a problem as the distance indicated with a red line on this image( ) is 58.59mm. That is 1.5mm short of what I need to fit my motor(60mm).

    There appears to be a few millimeters leeway though, before the aluminium angle bar, so I was wondering if maybe the size of the piece does not need to be altered afterall.

    The distance between the screw holes looks ok.

    What do you think? Am I right?

    Thanks in advance.




    If you’ve done the work comparing actual motor sizes to the 3D model, you should be all good. Pay particular attention to the motor that sits inside the Z cart. This guy slots into a pocket, and I can remember how much extra room we included. Are you cutting the plywood panels yourself?



    Hi Taylor and thanks for your time.

    I plan to use the cnc of a local university to do the cutting.

    One thing I just noticed is that the length(or “depth” if you wish) of the motors you have used in the 3d model is 55.5mm, while my motors will be 100mm(almost double). (specs: ). Sorry to be a pain, but could I have your opinion on whether they would fit and wouldn’t get in the way of anything, if you have the time to check it out?

    Regarding the Z-axis motor:

    On the vertical dimension the motor in your design is in contact with the top piece, so no space there, but there appears to be about 7mm clearance(before we hit the aluminium angle on the bottom of it, while my motor will only be 4mm bigger. So should be ok, by only moving the 4 mounting holes a bit down.

    On the horizontal dimension, the clearance between the screws that mount the top piece to the front one(the one where the motor screws on -as shown in this image is 65mm(again, the faceplate of my motors is 60mm). Do you see anything else that might be in the way..?

    Sorry to be a pain and I hope my description makes sense, but I will probably only have one go with this cnc and I hope to get everything right the first time.




    Hi again.

    I have measured everything again in more detail(for all motors, all dimensions).

    Space is definitely an issue. I will have to elongate the z cart about 4-5mm both on the top and the bottom, but that should be quite easy.

    There is another question though. I’m trying to match the dwg pieces to the 3d model ones.

    The piece called “Z cart front” on the DIYLILCNCv2 Panel Inventory(and which is in the DIYLILCNCv2_2D_4.dwg file), doesn’t look a lot like what’s on the 3d model. Sepcifically, is this the same piece: ?

    There are no holes for the mounting of the motor or the bore on the dwg and the red line indicating the motor position is missing too.

    Is it an error on the dwg or am I missing something..?

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