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    The good news is that I have access to a laser cutter. The bad news is that the bed dimensions are 18″ x 24″. I can modify the layouts to fit onto smaller sheets, except 4 parts, (2) x-beam faces, x-beam top, and x-beam bottom are longer than 24″. Any recommendation on possibly splitting those parts to fit the smaller bed?



    Bill, glad to see you are up and posting :) We did try making the X-beam in sections to avoid just this problem, but it lead to a weak structure.

    I think that you could shorten all four of those X-beam parts, just keep in mind that this will limit the travel of the X-axis. You’d also have to cut the X-rails shorter. This could be compensated for by lengthening the cutting bed & Y-rails.

    I’d have to take a closer look at the plans to be sure I’m not missing any parts, but I think that this is possible. Keep us posted if you are successful with modifying the X-beam parts.



    Hi wrhastings,

    I am busy getting the PDFs prepped in illustrator to do my first cut.

    the laser i (kinda) have access to has a 900mm by 600mm bed.

    if you would like me to do an extra cut of the components you need and you are willing to pay for shipping that wouldnt be a problem. (i am in melbourne australia)

    i have a lot of acrylic lying around after doing a bunch of test bed cuts for work, so if your happy with it being made out of acrylic (6, 8 or 12mm) that would be great.



    PS: most comprehensive and versitile plans i have seen to date. awesome work guys. will keep you posted on my build progress.




    If I need to get the parts cut, I’ll probably get it done locally to avoid the shipping cost. Thanks for the offer.


    P.S. I’m determine to figure out how to do this myself, though.

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