Should offer laser cutting?

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    Please add me to the list as well. Has there been any further developments on this front as of late?



    @ata0921, we are working at the moment on getting our business paperwork in order. Neither Taylor or I have any business background, and it turns out that getting set up to sell things is more complicated than one might think :) Luckily, we’ve found some like-minded folks who know their stuff to help us out. We will definitely make it known as soon as panel kits become available.



    Sign me up for one, but I have to make a little special request… Would you please supply the bolts, washers and nuts?? I live in Norway, and that is a part of the millimeter side of earth… :)

    If you supply bolts, it would make life a lot easier, and a whole lot cheaper :)




    We’re still working on starting up a business to supply laser cut panels, but we do not plan to offer kits with hardware directly. Though we may eventually partner with an organization that can sell full kits, it will be a while before anything that organized takes shape. In the meantime, we encourage you to get in touch with a local hackerspace or creative collective to pool resources, perform metric conversions, etc. A little searching around the forum will reveal others that are working on similar goals in Canada and South Africa.


    Adam Martin

    I would be interested in ordering a kit.




    You can also count me in if you offer a kit. I dont mind buying steppers and all that other jazz, its just the Laser cut parts that are hard to come by. Ide be willing to buy a complete set sans the steppers and controller, or just a set of cut parts.



    Today my ship hit a iceberg… And it is sinking :(

    I have tried to order from McMaster-Carr twice now.

    This is the reply to the first order:


    Due to the ever-increasing complexity of U.S. Export regulations, McMaster-Carr has decided to only accept orders from a few, long-established customers of ours overseas. We will only accept this order if it is placed by, shipped and billed to, xxxxxx in Norway. We regret any inconvenience this causes you.

    Your order has been cancelled.

    Ï work in a large international oil company, and used my work mail for the first order.

    So I tried ordering a new one, but this one shipped via a post-box-company. (They recive my package, and just forward it).

    Hi Bjorn,

    The United States government regulates the documentation required for material shipped outside the US and also controls what material companies are allowed to export. This is a serious responsibility for any exporter, and we have chosen to avoid the risks involved in these transactions. We will be unable to accept your order or to continue doing business with you. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

    So I now need some serios help here…

    The first order was someting like $245 and another $120 in shipping. And 25% norwegian tax on top of it all :(

    I have no idea of the shipping on the second one.

    So I need some help here. If I pay for laser cut panels, the electronics from HobbyCNC and the hardware from McMaster-Carr up front, would DIYLILCNC be willing to sell it all as a complete package?? I have plenty of time, so it is fine for me to pay before DIYLILCNC goes shopping :)




    I’m interested in buying a set of cut panels. Please let me know if this deal is still being offered.




    DIYLILCNC now has L3C status (like a mission-based LLC) and a business bank account. We’re sorting out all the little remaining details surrounding Paypal/merchant services. We should have the operation up and running shortly! Thanks for your support and patience.



    Congratulations on getting you business up and running. Please consider sending complete kits to cut undue overheads. I live in Nigeria where there are no such hardware stores and rely heavily on South Africa, Uk and US for stuff. I am keen in cutting mdf and foam, which I also have to import. Thanks, while we wait for your actual comencement.




    Woohoo! We’re finally ready to offer a small batch of panel kits for sale. Please have a look at the “Buy” link for more information.

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