Should this PC work?

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    I’m mainly a Mac guy, but do have some PC experience. I just wanted to get some opinions on if this PC should work, or not. Or, does anyone have any other suggestions?



    Bill, I’m sure you’ve taken a gander at the recommendations & links listed in the PDF of the downloads page, right?

    The only thing that jumps out at me is the fact that this machine has no video card:

    Video adapter, bus: With the GV chipset, the integrated graphics is always enabled. Plugging in the PCI card does not disable it and does not require the integrated graphics to be re-enabled

    Video adapter features: 3D/2D Controller (Microsoft® DirectX® 9), VGA integrated controller, RAMDAC integrated (400 MHz)

    Graphic Subsystem Video Card Memory: Graphics memory is shared with system memory. Graphics memory usage can vary from 8 to 128 MB depending on the amount of system memory installed and system load

    This wouldn’t directly prevent you from running EMC2, but some machines with built-in video cards (as opposed to a separate video card) have problems with losing steps (again, see the PDF for an explanation).



    Thanks, Chris. Yes, I have read through the instructions and understand that timing is critical in an “open loop” system. I’m just not sure what may affect the timing. With you specifically mentioning the lack of video card, I’ll be sure to watch for that.



    That has an intel 900, which isn’t exactly the worst integrated video card out there, assuming you’re using a relatively newish macbook. you probably have a 950 on it to begin with.

    for a price tag of only 150$ I would go out and buy yourself a 100$ video card, if the 900 can’t handle it. then you still have only spent mere dollars compared to what you could spend.



    If you ARE going to get a seperate video card, make sure that you get one that’s going to be relatively compatible with whatever linux you plan on installing on it and run emc2 on afterwards, it’s entirely pointless if your card isn’t supported to begin with.

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