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    I found DIYLILCNC from Ponoko, after finding them for the first time from an Instructable (funny how projects come full circle). I’ve been stalking DIY CNC projects for years, waiting for my entry point. The idea of laser cut kits appeals to me. I can’t compete with machines for accuracy.

    I’m considering ordering the set of files currently loaded at Ponoko. Has anyone else else done this yet?

    I saw the note about the labels being taken off for cost reasons. I agree with this (I think someone willing to tackle this project should be OK with a puzzle).

    Has anyone else used Ponoko, or at least talked to them? They seem legit.

    And my real question – if only 1 panel were ordered (in lieu of a formal test panel), any recommendations on the one that would be the best to be a test? This way I can keep my test pieces and use them when I get the others cut.



    It has been a while since anyone posted in here. Has anyone had a chance to use the files currently loaded on Ponoko?

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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