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    We are beginning a build in new zealand (auckland) however have little to no access to imperial parts has any one out there completed the build in metric ?




    im an architecture graduate in Auckland and also looking to build one.

    i have access to a laser cutting workshop which can also laser sheet metal. im keen to build one from aluminium possibly.

    i can also use autocad and would be interested in developing a metric conversion of the mill.

    can you give me a txt or call on 0210704784 and we can pool our resources.



    I believe that McMaster also ships internationally if you have a hard time finding sourcing parts locally. Granted you would still have to order imperial parts but… if all else fails. If you needed help getting the bearing and or steppers shipped I would be happy to act as a middle man if needed. In any case good luck!



    I reside in New Zealand myself (Wellington area), and I contacted McMaster about international shipping. This was their answer:

    Due to the ever-increasing complexity of U.S. Export regulations, McMaster-Carr has decided to only accept orders from a few, long-established customers of ours overseas. We are not able to provide a quote nor can we accept your orders. We regret any inconvenience this causes you. We do not have distributors outside of the United States.



    And bytheway, Sebastian, my interest was peaked by the aluminium word! I am planning to modify the build to span 1250mm, and for use with a somewhat heavier router, if at all possible. Cutting certain parts from aluminium could make that possible.

    Obviously, I would also be in for a metric conversion. As I only recently moved to NZ, I am on the lookout for a proper McMaster replacement. Any advice welcome.

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