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    Is this Board and Mill capable of running Mach 2/3?



    I have been looking into it and the Download is free to demo off there website.

    Using Mach 3, you can use windows vista/xp and avoid linux all together.

    I believe i saw the pro chopper board was capable of running this software off hobby cnc’s website as well. Parallel port still required.



    Installed Perfectly, I’m even running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and have a Nvidia Quadro FX580 video card.

    Benefits of using this software:

    User doesn’t have to mess with Linux

    User can have nvidia/ati based video card

    Works in windows

    Very Powerful software, it can control plasma cutters, cnc lathes, mills as well as multiple plugins from 3dscanning cameras, to touch based 3d modeling. You can even download the software from them to use a xbox 360 controller to manually jog it.

    Below is the youtube group i found containing users who use the mach 3 controller. Pretty impressive and powerful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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