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    I wanted to ask about the controlling software options. The reason is that I want to be able to control the computer from a remote connection (and not on a local network) such as a LogMeIn type of connection. I have snooped around the web and found the VNC Server (link example How-To) for remote connections, but that I might have some difficulties.

    Concerning the Linux/EMC2 controlling software, is there a Windows based alternative? I will be running Rhinoceros and RhinoCAM for creating the 3D files, so if I can stay in Windows, that is far better. The dedicated computer we will use to control the CNC machine will be a dual boot setup. Thanks!



    There are definitely Windows alternatives and, while they’re not particularly expensive, none [that I know of] are free & open-source.

    You may want to look at TurboCNC or Mach3.

    On a related note, Linux does allow you to install through Windows as a boot configuration, which makes dual booting really, really easy.



    I’ve used TurboCNC – it’s workable and free, but pretty ugly (as it runs straight from DOS) and a little hard to control. VNC might get complicated as the HobbyCNC board requires real-time signaling from the computer. If you remotely ask a computer to run an NC file that is local (to the controlled computer), then you should be OK. Sounds exciting – let us know how your setup works out.




    What do you think — I have an old Power Mac G4, which has an Nvidia graphic card, and has all the parameters you’ve mentioned — can I use this for controlling diylil? I can install Ubuntu on it (not the latest one, but a very new release of it is supporting PPC). Or do you have any ideas of a free and good native Mac app for this? Thanks!




    We never found any options for the Mac, but we didn’t look that hard either. My guess is that CAM is obscure enough that no one has bothered to port one of the many Linux/PC options that are out there. We’d be happy to be proved wrong, as we’re working off of MacBook Pro’s on a day to day basis.

    If the G4 will take Linux and has a parallel port, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You can get a build from that comes with EMC preinstalled.



    You’re never going to find a usable Mac with a built-in parallel port.



    Tuxcnc is an option and if you have some patience you can compile emc2 from source to your mac.

    At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a darwin port made up already.

    Bill, there are thousands of usb to parallel adapters…However, I’m not entirely sure if it’s fast enough though.



    You definitely want a machine with an on-board parallel port. We’ve tried several other adapter options ourselves, with no success.

    While there are usb-paralell adapters that can work for things like printers, the real-time control needed for EMC requires a real live parallel port.



    I have heard good things about Mach 3.



    Believe last parallel port card for Mac’s was used in NuBus Mac’s. There may have been a PCI to parallel port card made for PC’s that custom drivers were created to use in Mac’s, but can’t say for sure….only ran across vague references to it years ago. JC, Jumpline

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