laser cutting in Western Canada

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    I just got my parts laser cut by a company in Edmonton called KJ Laser. They were very helpful and the price was not bad – a bit over $400. The cost went up above $500 when the shipping and some other things were added in. This was the best price that I found anywhere locally so if any other Canuks are looking for this in the western part of the country you could give them a call. Here is the contact info:

    KJ Laser Ltd.

    41 Groveland Rd.

    Sherwood Park AB

    T8A 3G7

    ph: 780.464.5919

    fx: 780.449.4810

    Of course, I still screwed it up. I somehow sent them the modified files intended to be cut on a router. I now have a very nice set of those parts cut on a laser cutter. As far as I know they will still build me a functional DIYLILCNC so I will be proceeding anyway.




    We didn’t supervise the CNC conversion ourselves, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work (unless the file got borked during the transition). Thanks for posting your research!



    I did a quick experiment to check that the parts would be usable. I assembled the case for the electronics and it went together just fine. Everything fit perfectly so I guess there should not be any issues with the rest of the parts.

    I will be slowly collecting the rest of the parts over the summer, while I complete some previous projects. I expect to get into the major assembly in the fall when I have more time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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