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    Taylor I wouldn’t be surprised if that instructable was your guys’ design. It looks very similar to the DIYLILCNC but just a little simpler. That was one of the first CNC instructables that I came across before I got to this place, but didn’t realize that original one was your design. Anyway it’s been a year since I’ve joined this forum and haven’t had much time to build my machine because I’m visiting the high school I used to go to because they have a lot of tools, but no large enough CNC cutter (Largest is like 5″ by 5″). They only have a 4′x4′ or so plasma cutter and I’m making it a hybrid CNC/Plasma by adding a router mount to cut out my parts and still need to learn how to convert your electronics case parts into G-Code using free software. I hope I can get some help with that if possible.

    I have autodesk autocadd. And using PyCam is complicated, so I decided maybe makercam ( because it has tutorials. Makercam was originally PartKam and then became open source and Shapeoko designer took advantage of that. So far I haven’t converted any files yet I need to figure out how to convert to the proper file format I think.




    The link you posted is a project that came before us, in fact, DIYLILCNC v1 is a modification of that design. Glad to hear you’re still working. Looking forward to hearing more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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