Is one of the designed pieces wrong?

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    Hi again.

    I’m trying to match the dwg pieces to the 3d model ones.

    The piece called “Z cart front” on the DIYLILCNCv2 Panel Inventory(and which is in the DIYLILCNCv2_2D_4.dwg file), doesn’t look a lot like what’s on the 3d model. Sepcifically, is this the same piece: ?

    There are no holes for the mounting of the motor or the bore on the dwg and the red line indicating the motor position is missing too.

    Is it an error on the dwg or am I missing something..?

    (sorry for reposting on separate thread but was afraid it would go unnoticed as was the last poster one the other thread anyway)



    I believe this is a version control issue – we still haven’t locked down the process when the design gets updated. The original 3D model called for the Z motor to related to the Z ACME screw at a right angle, necessitating a pair of crown gears for power transfer. We found it saved time and effort to just mount this motor facing straight down/in-line with the screw. Trust the flat drawings for now, and we’ll work on updating the 3D model.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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