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    Hello again Chris and Taylor,

    over a month back I asked if there is a 3d model version of the v2 available and I was told it was the “DIYLILCNCv2_all_2D.3dm” from google docs.

    I couldn’t open it as I don’t have Rhino 5 but Taylor said he would save it as v4 when he found time. As I understand you have been busy, I managed to find a friend of a friend that had the v5 beta and he saved it as v4 for me.

    I opened it just now, only to find out it is not a 3d model of the machine, but the 4 single-layer .dwg files that contain the pieces to be cut, all in one .3dm file and 4 layers.

    My problem -and the reason I ask again if there is a file containing a 3d model of the BigShoulders- is that the motors I plan to buy are a bit large and as Taylor pointed out in this thread :

    will probably not fit and some adjustments will have to be made.

    This in conjunction to the fact that the building instructions are not completely clear -at least to me- (maybe have not been finalised yet), prevents me from going to the final step of cutting the panels and actually build the machine.

    All other equipment has been bought(HobbyCNC board-PSU-case with fan, fuses and switches etc) and I would really like to finish the project. (even plan to use it to cut some dectorative items for my wedding in a few months)

    So do you have a 3d model of the BigShoulders, like the ones illustrated in the very detailed .pdf building instruction manual you have made for the v1 of the DIYLILCNC?

    Once I’m done and see everything works ok, I would be more than happy to share with everyone the sources and exact part numbers for all parts(nuts-bolts-washers-bearings-pulleys-belts etc) in order to be able to buy them from teh UK and generally EU easily without having to find corresponding sizes, when converting from imperial to metric.

    Thank you in advance.




    Thanks for your patience! I’m uploading a super rough version of the 3D model (actual 3D, not just flat contours in a 3D modeling file). You can find them here. Since the design is always undergoing slight alterations, and because these changes must be converted to 2D for milling, the 3D model has not kept pace with all design improvements. Please consider the file as more of a visual reference, and check the parts carefully before you use the 3D model for direct output to gantry panels.



    Thank you Taylor.

    There is no reason to thank me for my patience. You do this in your spare time and you provide a free good. You don’t have to meet any deadlines. Just a line to say you’re working on it though would be great, as this forum has been rather quiet and I was worried the project could have been abandoned.

    I’ll check out the files and post again if I have any more questions.

    Thank you once again.

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