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    I appreciate this and your patience.

    As I think of more questions I will only be able to edit it within 48 hours, but I will try not to make new posts other than the ones that would need to be used to remind to answer new questions.

    1. What do I use to clean the flux off of the board after I am done soldering it?

    2.Since my build will be pretty similar to yours, and I will be using the 310 oz steppers from HobbyCNC I would like to know what current you like to use that runs just as good as max current and cooler?

    3. In the BOM it says to use 14 molex connectors. I could not figure out why you would need that many. It’s 2 molex connectors per axis just to do the conversion so a total of 6 molex connectors. If you were to extend each axis by 1 foot it would be another 2 per axis so a total of 12 molex connectors. What are the other 2 connectors for?

    4. What is the max extension you recommend using with the molex connectors without performance loss such as missed/skipped steps?

    5. What program did you use to put your CAD files together? I am having trouble generating G-Code for the electronics enclosure and want to use a 1/8″ bit to minimize corner arc sizes.

    6. In EMC2 is it possible to define which side of the line to cut on? For example to cut a hole, I would cut from the inside. But to cut a circle I would cut from the outside.

    7. Do you have a generated G-Code file for all of the enclosure parts for router cutting?

    8. I am using PyCAM and using your drawing in dxf format, PyCAM gives an error when trying to convert it to G-Code. Why does this happen and how did you guys convert the drawings to G-Code for laser cutting? Did you write up the G-Code directly yourselves?

    I asked several experienced users to try to convert the G-Code for me, but they get the same problem and some lines just wouldn’t generate. Your drawings and layers seem to be messed up like when I try to delete a panel it’s actually still there, just invisible as if you limited editing in your dxf file.

    9. Why is it that the molex connectors are really meant to be hooked up once and left untouched inside a PC case? What lengths do you use? What’s the max length you have?

    I already bought Molex connectors for $1.70each with free shipping in a lot of 20. Not too bad, but I guess you linked me to the HobbyCNC spare parts page because getting just the wire is cheaper.

    10. Are there times that the Molex connectors would have loose connections due to movement/vibration even though they were perfectly connected? Or at least did it ever happen to you guys?

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