For Sale: Laser cut Pieces/Partially assembled + McMaster-Carr Parts + Bearings


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    Well, after about a year + of holding onto the start of my DIYLILCNC Build (1.0.1 I believe) I think it is time to let it go. Title says it all – I basically got all of the non-electronic components of this thing ready to go. It is partially built – I will post a link with pictures when I get a chance. All of the parts are cut out of Masonite, and here is a list of parts that are included:

    Basically everything you need from McMaster-Carr (as shown in the parts list)

    - W1 Tool Steel Rod, .2500″ Diameter, Trade Size E, 3′ Length

    - 1018 Carbon Steel Precision Acme Threaded Rod, 1/4″-16 Size, 1/16″ Travel Distance/Turn, 3′ L, Right-Hand Thread

    - Steel One-Piece Set-Screw Coupling, 1/4″ Bore, 3/4″ Length, 1/2″ OD, without Keyway (3)

    - Black-Oxide Steel Set Screw Shaft Collar, 1/4″ Bore, 1/2″ Outside Diameter, 9/32″ Width (3)

    - Bronze Precision Acme Round Nut, 1/4″-16 Size, 1/16″ Travel Distance/Turn, Right-Hand Thread

    - Zinc-Plated Grade 5 Steel Thin Hex Nut, 9/16″-18 Thread Size, 7/8″ Width, 5/16″ Height, Packs of 25

    - Mxl and XL Series Timing-Belt Pulley, 1/4″ Belt Width, .685″ OD, 20 Teeth (3)

    - Steel Ball Bearing, Plain Open for 1/4″ Shaft Diameter, 7/8″ OD, 1/4″ W (4)

    - Trapezoidal-Tooth Neoprene Belting, Mxl Trade Size, .080″ Pitch, 1/4″ Width, 12′ L

    - Metric 8.8 Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Head Cap Screw, M8 Size, 85MM L, 1.25MM Pitch, Partially Threaded, Packs of 10

    - Metric Plain Steel Hex Nut, Class 8, M8 Size, 1.25MM Pitch, 13MM W, 6.5MM H, Packs of 100

    - DIN 125 Zinc-Plated Class 4 Steel Flat Washer, M8 Screw Size, 16MM OD, 1.4MM-1.8MM Thick, Packs of 100

    - W1 Tool Steel Rod, .5000″ Diameter, 3′ Length (5)

    - Plain Grade 8 Steel Hex Nut, 1/4″-20 Thread Size, 7/16″ Width, 7/32″ Height, Packs of 100

    - Plain Steel Type A SAE Flat Washer, 1/4″ Screw Size, 5/8″ OD, .05″-.08″ Thick, Packs of 222

    - Zinc-Plated Steel Low-Strength Hex Head Cap Screw, 1/4″-20 Thread, 3/4″ Length, Fully Threaded, Packs of 100

    - Grade 5 Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Head Cap Screw, 1/4″-20 Thread, 2″ Long, Fully Threaded, Packs of 50

    - Zinc-Plated Steel Undersized Machine Screw Hex Nut, 6-32 Thread Size, 1/4″ Width, 3/32″ Height, Packs of 100 (2)

    - Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 6-32 Thread, 1/2″ Length, Packs of 100

    - Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 6-32 Thread, 3/4″ Length, Packs of 100

    - Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 6-32 Thread, 1″ Length, Packs of 100

    Ball Bearings

    - 100 Count from as listed in the Parts list.

    I bought some more stuff @ Home Depot during the building process, and will include whatever parts that I bought associated with this build in the price. Away from my shop at the moment, but I will post pictures of what I have as soon as possible.

    I spent over 300 dollars on all the stuff I am selling in this package (not including my time constructing the machine). I am asking 200 dollars (plus shipping), but am will to work with people who have reasonable requests.

    I know that someone will be really, really happy with this set-up, it has just about everything you need to get started (hell, it already is started)!

    Thanks for your interest, let me know if I can be of any more help.



    Hello sfco2000,

    I was wondering if you still had this for sale as i am interested.

    I live near Allentown, PA and was wondering how much the shipping would come out to.





    Yes, it is still for sale. I am located in Ashland, Oregon (97520). Based on UPS’s website, it would cost an estimated 50-250 dollars in shipping (depending on how you wanted to send it). I am open to sending it anyway you see fit, so if you have other options that you would like to look @ please let me know. It would be well packed, insured, etc. Whatever it takes.

    here are some photographs:



    So what is left for me to buy if i do end up buying this from you?

    I’m guessing the stepper motors, dremel tool, and…

    I guess i also have to make the bed as well right?

    I have a feeling it will be cheaper to buy from you overall but i need to figure out how much more i need to spend to finish it.

    On a side note, why did you stop working on it?



    Left for you to do:

    Electronics/Assembly/Dremel – I think that is about it off the top of my head. I basically stopped assembling the parts when I got to the portion of the instructions where I needed to start putting the electronic components into the gantrys/etc.

    Make the bed – I have one made (not pictured) but have a feeling that it would be cost prohibitive if I shipped that to you. If you don’t have access to a shop, it might be worth it, if you are interested in me shipping it (I will include it in the price listed above, shipping would be whatever it costs to get it to you), let me know.

    If you go through the parts list and compare what I have listed to what all you need to buy, there really isn’t a whole lot left other than the electronics and associated components. I don’t know off the top of my head, but I know that it was around 200-300 dollars more, I really have no idea…

    I stopped working on it for a couple reasons. Had a bunch of unexpected expenses come up during the build (right around the time I needed to by the electronic stuff), and then when I did get more funding, I came across another CNC machine that was already assembled and at a price point that was comparable to what I would have spent to get the rest of the stuff for the project. This was about 2+ years ago, and have just been holding onto the stuff in hopes that I would get around to ‘building my own’ – but that isn’t looking like it is going to happen, and I figured someone here would be stoked to have all the parts I bought & the stuff I have already put together.



    You’ve pretty much got me sold on it. I’m guessing the changes between 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 are not important enough to make a big difference right?

    And if anything with this i’ll be able to build the updates myself haha.



    To be honest, I didn’t really keep up on the changes/revisions as of late. I do know that the dremel tool holder is cut for an older model dremel (I think there is some discussion on this forum regarding that). Other than that, I really don’t know of anything else that would be something to look out for. Shoot me an email, you can find it on the right hand side of my webpage (just click on my user name to be directed there), and we can chat further if you are still interested.





    The different versions of v1 are not significantly different. You may have to widen a couple holes by hand, or recut them as you’ve pointed out!



    Ok i’ve sent you an email, i’ll be awaiting your reply.

    And thank you Taylor. Any ideas on how i could possibly use a palm router or full sized router instead of a dremel tool?



    You may be able to get away with redesigning a couple “saddle” parts where the tool hooks to the sled. I’d be happy to work with you, but we won’t know if the off-center weight increase will cause issues until we try it.



    Thanks Taylor!

    I will let you know when I receive the parts and have it put together.

    Is what i’m looking at.

    I am open to other suggestions too, i havent bought anything yet.



    I actually bought one of these routers (refurbished) with the intent of reworking the sled to hold it. I haven’t yet started work on it, though. Perhaps we can collaborate.

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