Dremel factory Tool holder!


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    Dremel sells a bolt on tool holder That i referenced from a different DIYCNC PDF.

    Its shown with a older dremel attached but looks to be the same size as the 300. Look like a plastic vertical spine and 2 plastic radial clamps wrap around the dremel, one high and one low that use a bolt and square nut hold unit into place. The entire unit bolts to a flat service with 2 countersunk screws. Looks durable and well made. If it works might be a great quick alternative if the price is right and is still for sale??

    (1)#2615294952- Tool holder

    (2)#2615294223- Clamp Screw Nut

    (2)#2615294205- Clamp Screw

    I will have to call them and see if it is still available and how much.

    Dremel Service Center

    4915 21st Street

    Racine, WI 53406

    Phone: 1-800-437-3635


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