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    Thanks to your support, we’re almost ready to drop the plans for DIYLILCNC V2. Can’t wait? Keep an eye on our Flickr account for the blow-by-blow. The new rig features and expanded envelope, user-defined X/Y axis length, metric-friendly BOM, and more!


    Mike Ehrenberg

    Looking awesome!!



    Will you be offering cut panels at the same time? Because the prices mentioned in this thread are /way/ over my budget. Even if shipping was another $200 (which I don’t think) the panel set you sell is by far cheaper.

    I have access to a cnc mill, but it only cuts up to A4, so I guess it’s useless for cutting the panels myself.



    V2 is CNC milled rather than laser cut. We don’t have a solid source for panels yet, but most parts should fall within the A4 size (and ~12mm thickness). Prices would likely be similar to what we have now, but that’s all still up in the air.



    Would it be possible to cut the parts which are bigger than A4 by hand?



    Sure – those parts are basically rectangular. You’d be drilling the hole pattern by hand, but that could be printed out and applied to the oversize pieces.



    That’s great. :-)

    It’s just a pity that you didn’t finish it two weeks ago, now I have holidays – that would have been perfect to build it.

    I’ve seen that you posted pictures for the assembly instructions on so I guess your design is finished?



    The core design is complete, but the instructions are almost as much work. Tech-savvy folks (probably anyone who hits this site) will find hints here and there as we get this beast online, which will happen ASAP!



    Any news?

    If the instructions are taking you so long, could you maybe just release the plans and the bill of materials for now? I think that would get me quite far, and if I got stuck I could wait for the instructions at any time.



    Looks good. Any chance you could already release the assembly file?



    Well now that I’ve finally finished my V1 build it is fitting that the V2 is on the very near horizon! :) Any chance a v1 could do the cutting to build a v2? That would be very cool. Congratulations on the good work!




    This looks to be a great project you guys have going here.

    I am eager to build a DIYLILCNC but seeing there is a v2 on the horizon makes me want to wait and grab those plans.

    Is there any rough idea on when details will be emerging?

    At least the BOM and the files for the laser cut parts?

    In regards to the v1 laser cutting files will there be problems if I try to get them cut here in the EU where it is most metric?




    Hi all,

    So I just snuck into a school lab for a few hours and got all the pieces for the DIYLILCNC laser cut. But now, I see that v2 is basically up and running. So my question is: Should I hold out for V2?


    How soon will the plans be out?

    Will this be significantly easier to build (this is my first attempt at a project like this)?

    Will this be significantly cheaper (I am not rich)?

    Will this be significantly ‘better’/more accurate/powerful/faster/whatever (I like those things)?

    Thanks! This project rules so hard and totally has me excited about building stuff. I don’t even know you guys and I love you.




    1. How soon will the plans be out?

    ASAP ;). We’ve finished the functioning design, and now we’re slogging through the first draft of the instructions. We’ve signed up for a conference where we’ll demo the project in August, so that’s our hard deadline.

    2. Will this be significantly easier to build (this is my first attempt at a project like this)?

    Somewhat, but they’re both pretty easy to build.

    3. Will this be significantly cheaper (I am not rich)?

    Definitely cheaper, but probably by no more than 10-20%.

    4. Will this be significantly ‘better’/more accurate/powerful/faster/whatever (I like those things)?

    We’re still testing, but I think v2 will be better mostly due to reduced part count and increased hackability.



    Hey you should check these bearings out:

    They are 90 degree bearings so they will fit on square tubes.

    The way your bearings are set up, I have a feeling that if you drill the hole slightly out of place from the middle of the tubing material, it might lose stability.

    However you can still buy tubing with pre-drilled holes accurately drilled in the middle and for almost the same price on McMasterCarr as tubing without pre-drilled holes.

    But check out the V-Groove bearings I linked to since they are priced very reasonably.

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