Datasheet for HobbyCNC steppers?

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    I’m building a large (5′x5′x5′) pick and place machine, and I’m basing some of the design on the diylilcnc, mostly I’m using some of the same parts from the BOM.

    I can’t find detailed specs on the steppers from HobbyCNC. I’m trying to find the top RPM for the motors so I can make an educated guess at the size of belt pulleys to get me into the right range of speed I’m looking for.

    There will be about 4′ of travel in each axis. I’d like to be able to cover that distance in under 2 seconds, if possible. Taking acceleration into account, I figure I need something like 1500 rpm with the .509 inch pitch diameter of the pulleys that are standard for the diylilcnc.

    What can I expect to get out of their largest (425oz-in) motor?



    Hi jonjon, there is a Yahoo group for HobbyCNC customers that may host some of the specific info you’re looking for.

    The RPM/speed of your system depends on lots of factors in addition to the motors themselves. There are some links to in-depth info below, but a couple of important things to consider are how much weight is being moved, and how quickly your controller computer can signal to the motors. Either of these (and other) factors could limit RPM even if the motor is technically capable of a certain spec.

    basic principles of stepping motors

    How fast can a stepper motor spin?

    Stepper Motor Speed Limitations

    Stepper motor estimator

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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