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    Building a larger cnc machine that i plan on cutting out the smaller machine with. My kit never sold on ebay so i have everything i need just no way to cut it!(cutting by hand was epic fail, i advise no one to try it). With a little design modification i can cut it out of mdf using a highspeed spindle. Will i have some radius on the inside corners, sure but with some luck i can get it to work right :) currently its on the back burner but hopefully not for long! I have been working on a all aluminum 80/20 build which has consumed me since i designed it from scratch over on

    Hopefully it wont take me too much longer building the big one so i can throw this one together :)



    Great render! Looks like you’re moving the tool in XZ and the material bed in Y (as opposed to our tool, which moves XYZ with static stock). Let us know how it turns out.



    @DIYengineer, I love the solution of building a larger CNC in order to produce a smaller one! :) Speaking of milling corners, here’s a simple method I use to deal with the cut radius on interior corners.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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