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    Sick of getting quoted $800 plus dollars?

    Create a membership.

    Go to:

    Homepage==>Forums==Employment Opportunity and RFQ (Request for Quote)==> POST!

    People search this forum daily just to make things for other people, screw those shops that want $800 dollars for most likely less than an hour of work on a big production machine, especially when you are supplying the cad files.

    People look on here all the time for side work, and side jobs. Not only is it a forum full of information, but i can guarantee you will get about 10 different people contacting you with different quotes.

    If you really wanted to get it done, and had a little wiggle room to allow for a router to do it instead of a laser, it would cut the price down A LOT! If someone could order a larger batch as well (group order) it would also cut the prices down to. Feel free to do it. I still see that they have NOT broken the .dxf file sheets into “single” files. They need to do that asap, that is the biggest pain in the ass.



    @DIYengineer, that’s a great tip for getting lower quotes. Have you had any success yourself? What are you building these days?

    As for the files, the DXF layering issue is one of several things Taylor and I plan to address in the next update, hopefully in the next few weeks.

    Please keep in mind that every aspect of this project (site hosting/admin, plan writing, testing, etc) is done on a volunteer basis because we want to do it. Taylor and I both have “real” jobs, families, obligations, etc, so we ask for everyone’s patience and understanding when dealing with frustrating technical problems and waiting for those updates.

    That said, we definitely appreciate [constructive] feedback on just these sorts of problems so we can improve future versions of the source files.

    Finally, I’d like to make an explicit open invitation to anyone who sees aspects of these plans that need improvement to get involved with some file modifications. We will gladly host and distribute any additions or refinements that come from the community.

    A perfect example is Bill Hastings’ Z-sled modification to accommodate a different model Dremel than what’s listed in the plans; rather than wait for someone else to fix it, Bill took it on himself to modify the files to fit the Dremel 300. Now other folks who want to use the same model can use Bill’s files for their builds.



    That is my current build log. Roughly 9′x15′ overall I have yet to mount the Z axis on it, but it should have a 7.5′ x axis and 12′ y axis. The machine has a 8″ z axis actuator but at the moment it has about 3″ of usable travel. If i wanted the extra five inches, i would have to get some custom steel spacers to mount under my linear rails. Anyways, that is what i have been up too. I mainly bought it to mill aluminum sheet. Once it gets up and running, ill have to try and cut a few diylilcnc kits out for people!



    Good news! Michael Caron aka munchymonster was kind enough to share his individual DXF files with the community. Check out the downloads page for a zip file of unlayered DXF’s. Thanks munchymonster!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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