cnc to cut parts

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    does it has to be a laser cutter to cut the parts or any other cnc could cut it. If there are parts which cannot be cut buy cnc, then you should release plans without those delicate parts so they can be cut by other means. It should reduce cost.



    I think the major issue is that a CNC Router will leave a small radius in any inside corner that is cut. You could clean up all those inside corners with a file, but that would be tedious. Alternately you need to “blow out” the inside corners to allow for the diameter of your endmill. I know there are tools out there that can help you apply various techniques (“dogbones”, “t-bones”, etc.) to the corners in question, but the details are very tool dependant.

    I was going to rework the files to work with a 1/8″ or a 1/16″ endmill, but I’m not sure this machine is really big enough for the things I eventually want to do. As such I’m a little leary of investing large amounts of time in “cleaning up” the files for cutting on a CNC Router. That said I’m sure you could cut them, but the files will need some love before they are happy.




    This is a great example of work that we’ll delegate to the community. As @MM says, the process is pretty rote – someone just needs to sit down and blow out all the interior corners. Perhaps you can find a couple collaborators on the forum to throw in on the goal.



    so the problem is in the joinary “cross” like slot. is there any part where cnc cant do work.I can glue or use other thing instead of nuts and bolts joinary of instruction given.

    will there be any problem in tabs making on cnc miller ?



    One more off the topic stuff

    is hobbycnc Pro board required or EZ will do.

    What determines the power of motor. Will lower powered motor will do. What is the spec of motor in kg/cm



    @karandrex, here’s some more info on the CNC-radius issues one would encounter in cutting panels for the DIYLILCNC:

    I’ve also addressed your motor questions in this post

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