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    I would like to build DIYLILCNC 2.0 but i’ve few questions :

    - I would like to manufacture PCB with some electronic tracks which are 12mil width. Is it possible ? (with the drill that goes well) It will be awesome

    - Can we set an extruder to use the CNC as 3D printer like Rep Rap ? I suppose you could add a heater base as found on the RepRap, a kind of extension to DIYLILCNC.

    - Do you have a good reference of wood for the manufacture of the machine? Could we use PVC ? Better ? (

    - Is the machine itself is replicable? (for the wooden parts)

    In fact i’m being to search a low cost open source machine which can manufacture PCB with good precision (12mil), 3D printer and can cut small piece of aluminum.

    Thank you




    Glad you’re interested in the project! PCB milling is possible, though it does require a very flat/square platform. We have not done PCB milling ourselves, so we can’t guarantee it’ll work.

    An extruder would be a great extension. As you’ve noted, most of the motion elements are shared between additive and subtractive machines.

    We designed this rig to work with super cheap ~1/2″ plywood. Some folks prefer MDF, though that can be prone to swelling in moist environs. Furniture grade plywood might improve your results.

    Yep! You can use this device to make copies of wooden gantry elements.

    We have tested with thin aluminum sheet. Works, but takes a while.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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