Building DIYLILCNC V1.0.1, problem in dimension

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    Dear all bro,

    I am newbie in building CNC and I have been researching the file “”. However, when I open the file “DIYLILCNC_laser_cutter_pattern_v1.0.1_Clean5.dxf” with TurboCad, I measure the dimension of length of “X-Beam Bottom” part, it shows only 24.4228 cm which is ~ 9.61″ while the “X-Rail” is 3′ Length which is 36″. Thus, it is impossible to apply the X-Rail to X-Beam Bottom. It makes no sense.
    I do not know if the file is incorrect or the software Turbocad gives me incorrect dimension. Please help.
    Thanks alot

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    Hi Leon, the DXF files have no default units (units are decided in the software with which you open the DXF). I’d recommend double-checking that you’re asking your software to interpret the units as inches.

    Out of curiosity, is there a reason you’re building version 1.0.1?

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