Building DIYLILCNC in Canada

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    Darrel, it is really exciting to see you guys helping each other out.

    I’m always happy when I can help incite hard work :)

    We will definitely have a place for your info here. Keep it coming!



    Darrel, was that quote for the masonite, with the material supplied, or steel?



    @cdndave : “Could the panels be CNC’ed instead of laser’ed?”

    Yes, most definitely. I’ve prepared the cnc files already for my machine. Just need to find more free time to do some cutting and fit tests. If all goes as planned, I will share with everyone else :)

    @Schweppes : “For unmodified panels made of 1/4” a44 supplied steel plate, costs 1,659$”

    Honestly, not to detract from the diylilcnc project; but if you’re going to go to that cost for material there are better designs. Are you familiar with a product called 8020 ?

    Dremels… I plan on using a Porter Cable 7310 compact laminate trimmer. K2 makes an aluminum bracket for cnc purposes, but I believe the stock base plate could be modified easily for mounting. There are many tooling options with 1/4″ shank



    Nazerine, I’m just posting the quotes i’ve been receiving from local companies. I *really* don’t want to spend that kind of cash on just the gantry cut outs. Maybe someone else is willing. By 80/20 are you talking about the industrial erector steel fabs? Or is that another free cnc machine design?

    If you happen to know a cheaper place to get steel plate fab’d out, please let me know, near all the quotes i’m getting are over a thousand.



    Nazerine, I was considering adapting the plans to use the same router. My one reservation was that it is only single speed. Chris responded on this thread ( on how having a single speed will limit your range of materials.



    Yes the quote above – $463 (incl. taxes) was for the 7 panels cut out of 1/4″ masonite.



    Darrel, do you happen to know if they would be willing to ship out of province?


    @DNA Works:

    I cannot say if they will ship, but please feel free to contact them (I posted the information above). Maybe if we all place an order there, it can save us money? But considering that Masonite is a dense (and therefore heavy) material, it would be worth comparing the shipping costs to you versus a price quote from one of your local supplier. It is all worth figuring out and comparing costs. If you contact COOP Techno (above) you can always mention our name: Architecture Open Form.


    @ ALL – Canadian Order Update:

    We have now ordered all the parts. In the end we ordered most of the components from the USA, and shipped locally to a person we know. This will then be forwarded to us over the border.

    McMaster-Carr (Distro through Motion Canada):

    We did manage to find the McMaster-Carr products through Motion Canada in Montréal, and I suggest you contact them, their total cost is roughly $530 (incl. tax). Please contact: Alexandre Chaurette ( They are one of the McMaster-Carr distributers in Canada, and the price is good.

    Drivers, Motors, Cables & Electronics:

    We sourced all of these from the American companies, to be shipped to Canada.

    Skate Bearings:

    We sourced from Kinecor (in Montréal) and bought 3 boxes of 16ct Abec 7, sealed bearings. $57.65 (incl. taxes).


    We bought the Dremel #300 from Rona (online) that included a bonus 75-piece bit set. It was cheaper than Home Depot. $79.00 (incl. tax). As you have read in the other forum posts, the Dremel #395 originally specified is no longer on sale. I hope that the z-axis will fit this fairly close, but I know that the body is a different shape (from talking with Dremel).

    Gantry Body:

    We -like the others- are having initial difficulties sourcing the 1/4″ Masonite sheet (0.22″ – 0.24″ actual thickness). Our laser cutter company has been able to find 0.19″ thickness, but I don’t want to re-dimension the drawings to make the slots fit this. We’re debating going to MDF, but still hesitant about the material change, and further, if we go to MDF, our laser cutter won’t do it because of the burning glue.

    Total Costs:

    The total is about $1300 CDN and this excludes the computer tower and its accessories. The Linux/EMC2 operating system is of course free.

    *If you need names or contacts, I can give them.

    Good luck, Darrel



    Very exciting, guys! Do keep us posted please.



    I’m interested in the Porter 7310. How large is it compared to a normal dremel? It sure would be nice to have 3/4HP and 30,000 rpm, not to mention the 1/4″ collet.



    I’ve always been happy with the price and service from Canada bearings More then other bearing suppliers. Even located down the street from me. My problem with motion industries has only been billing and shipping problems, but most of these problems are related to the company i work for having many departments and locations. So check out both companies before you buy.



    @ALL – Canadian Builds

    We’re almost done our build! I’ve been testing the X,Y and Z movements today! We’re working out the configuration of the EMC2 and how to locate the 0,0,0 location of the steppers versus the cutting board. In the end we’ve gone with the non-Pro HobbyCNC kit because it was causing problems. We’ll hopefully have some cutting tests produced this week, and then post some images and videos.

    We’ve also updated to Ubuntu 10.04 + EMC 2.4 instead of the older release of Ubuntu 8.04. Another modification we did was to house the driver board in an old UPS box (google images for Uniterrupted Power Supply) which has metal housing and is therefore fire-resistant. We’ve created a small room for the machine, but will have to work out a cover for the excess material flying around.



    Awesome! Can’t wait for documentation. Oh, Canada…



    So we have everything working. Here are photos on FlickR:

    And two videos are being converted (as I write) with our first cut run!

    We’ll post more images & videos as we go through the tests!

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