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    Dave Struve

    So i see .21 – .25 is the thickness i should be looking for, is this the range you need to avoid adjusting slot location or is it more specific?



    That’s right! Material on the thin side will work fine, but if it’s too thick the slot width won’t allow you to insert your tabs. If your heart is really set on thicker material, you can adjust the slot width in the CAD files.



    I started off with CNC a while back attempting the oomlot build from and it went great unitll it came time for those stinking barrel nuts >:| grrrr I still have nightmares about it so after seeing this one on instructables I was so happy to see a way around them! planning my build now but had a few questions.

    Is there any reason I couldn’t use .25 inch MDF as opposed to Masonite? I would think MDF would be a lot more consitant in thickness due to the nature of its manufacturing process but what do I know thats just speculation. Is Masonite more rigid than MDF? was masonite chosen solely because its cheap? has anyone out there adapted the use of a rotozip as the cutting tool? would a rotozip even fit in the z-cart? I know I could do the measurements myself to see but always better to ask so Im not reinventing the wheel

    I just scheduled some time at a local tech school with their laser to cut the panels out. Their laser cutter is a Amada Pulsar 2000W Laser (so psyced to get to use it lol!)

    Don Mynes

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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