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    @sly, looking good! Those bearings seem to hold really nicely.

    I’ll have to tweak the permissions so you can post videos. For now, here are the embedded versions:



    They hold but not of smooth as I would like. maybe then need a break in.

    I added some grease but that seemed to make no difference.

    I have used US made stuff that was smooth as silk. I don’t know if it is the bearings or the ground rods. I used the case hardened rod that says it is for linear. but maybe the chrome plated stuff is smoother. they do seem to work better if there is a lot of load on them. I get a bit of ripple in the spiral demo(going as fast I could get EMC to go). And the rods still flex a bit too. I wanted to fasten them in the center. but even after grinding a big notch I could not drill the stuff, maybe spot welding a screw might work. The rod with pre-drilled holes seems to cost a whole lot more.

    but I think just one in the center would make a world of difference.



    Beautiful! That thing can really move! Seems like some huge improvements have been made. What kind of cutter are you going to use? Mini Laminate trimmer?



    It would go faster but the Linux emc2 system ran out of gas.

    one of the guys here is going to remake one off my changes and document as he goes

    So we can get a part count etc. I was not using it for cutting but he will.

    I need to make a tool holder for a dremel or small router.



    Wow. This looks awesome. Have some of Sly’s revisions been added to the most recent documents? I converted all of the CNC DXF documents to older AI files to give to my CNC guy to cut mine out of PVC. I think I may just build the standard build and then use it to upgrade itself slowly using some of Sly’s ideas.

    Let me know if you get documentation on building your machine. Looks great!!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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