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    I have been working on one, but have changed it to use a 34 x 24 inch table.

    I used 12mm linear shafts case hardened. with vxb $9.95 Linear bearings blocks.

    I have extended the working range a lot. it is still a work in progress.

    I have been changing a lot as I go to fix rubbing etc. My laser it a bit smaller 24×12 so I have to make some parts in 2 with a dovetail cut so I can glue them together.

    I did not like the belt making the very tight bend around the 8mm bolt layout. I am putting the bearings on the inside and have the belt wrap around the 22mm bearing. I also noticed the spinning bolts where not true this fixed that.

    I guess I can’t post images on this forum.

    I have changed the unsealed 1/4 bearings to a sealed type that cost less. 1/4 ID 22mm OD vxb Kit1080.

    also added one in the center of the X to keep the shaft from whipping.

    I also clamp the linear shafts in 2 places on the ends which reduces flex a whole lot.

    more to come.



    @sly, congrats! Sounds like you’ve put in a ton of work. I’d love to hear more details about the changes you’ve made, especially the bearings. We’ve been looking at addressing many of the issues you mention in upcoming redesigns; maybe we could incorporate some of your ideas.

    You can post images on this forum that are already uploaded to the web (Flickr, etc), just put them in an img tag. Otherwise you can send us images to info at diylilnc dot org and we’ll post them in the gallery.

    I’m curious where you’re located?



    I am in CA, USA south of SF

    I am still working on it taking a lot of snaps as I go.

    I got some steppers for right now. But plan on using 3-phase hobby motors next.

    Much much faster/stronger etc. but I need to lay out a driver for that, so for now I am using a stepper driver pcb I did a few years ago just made a new batch.

    I am working on the mount to the table to hold the rods. I think this is just about the last part.

    I want to re do some parts of the Z-sled so It is just flush so I can mount different things to it.

    I do not think I will ever use a dremel…



    @sly, sounds like you are very close to me. I built a DIYLILCNC, at TechShop in Menlo Park, and exhibited it at the last San Mateo Maker Faire. I’m in the planning stage of some upgrades for it. If you’d like to compare notes, you can contact me at wrhastings at me dot com.



    yea very close the TechShop is just a few blocks away.

    It looks like my work space is 30.5 in. by 15.5 in. I do not have the Z installed so I did not check that.

    The X drive is still the spinning bolts and when I slide is left/right I notice the belt seem to walk up the spinning bolts. so I think I need to change it like I did for the Y drive with the belt running on the raw bearings.



    Some pics as I go not done yet.





















    @sly, those look great! This is exactly the kind of modding we like to see folks take on. You have totally made my day by posting those!

    Very cool improvement to the belt clamps, I’d love to get the source file & make it available to others on the forum.

    Hopefully you & Bill can hook up and compare notes. Like I said, we’d love to fold ideas from the community into future plan revisions.

    Now a bunch of questions about your build:

    That dovetailing looks amazing, is it strong?

    Is that black laminate??

    Where did you source those support shaft rails?

    What kind of tool do you plan on attaching?

    I’m curious if you have a running total of your costs so far?



    Today I have been redoing the sled. So I can quickmount anything. also got some more Z.

    also redid the box for changes for the bearings. The spinning bolts made the belt walk up the bolt. so I changed it too.

    the rods I got at mcmaster 1000mm 12mm 6112k53 $28.94

    and a shorter guys for the Z I do not have the number handy

    the sticker stuff is cheap like $5 a roll at the hardware store. it is just vinel easy to cut but not the strongest stuff. I was going to use Formica but it cost like $50 a sheet. it would be very nice. but the $5 stuff for now as I have been recutting a lot of stuff. As for the dovetailing I am super gluing + the dovetailing wood made out of sawdust glued together with cheap glue. So lets say if I were to break it that is not where it would break…

    also anywhere there is a nut not in a T slot I have been using the 63243-NZ TNUT the nuts with spikes that sink into the wood and stay. That helps a lot.

    price is hard to tell as I got a lot of stuff I am not going to use. but just the parts I will use I do not think will be much more then the first version.

    the vxb $9.95 Linear bearings blocks x 12 is most of the cost over the first version.

    some stuff goes away like the pricey 1/4 bearings from mcmaster and the square tube.

    I am drowning in 8mm bearings. might be able to save with a smaller number there..?



    looks my Z is 7.5 in.

    so sum it up

    Z= 7.5 in.

    Y= 30.5 in.

    X= 15.5 in.



    the bolts that don’t fall out






    I got some sticker that looks like steel 7$ a roll different but it shows the bumps more. but will give it some contrast.




    It looks like my X is more like 13.something inch. I guess I forgot how to read a ruler ;)

    Or I might have been thinking of making a smaller cart.

    I added some wires and got EMC2 to go. Took a bit to figure out the limit/home switches.

    It kept getting stuck after the homing with the limit switch still on.

    All I had to do was say the home is not at 0 but -.1 the it will bring it to 0 after the home and off the switch.

    So far I only have X and Y switches.

    I have encoders on the steppers but have not wired them up.

    The motors I got at the junk shop and are not a good match for my stepper driver. The motors are low voltage hi-current. My circuit wants more voltage and less current. so I am running the motors at about 1.5A about 1/2 what they want. But they seem to be very strong.

    looks like my max speed is limited by how fast the EMC can go. I have it set for 1/16 steps so that is 3200 steps a turn. That is a lot of pulses out of the PP card.




    Some vids if you can, really interested to see it running. Keep up the good work!



    My first tool holder. A ball pint pen!





    Some vids OK I guess I can only do 2 a month so here is X and Y test.

    hmm that did not work.

    I guess just links to it


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